Grandad's House

Puppets and Objects

They say that the departed live on thanks to the memories of those who loved them…

Grandpa’s house is a work of small format created for all audiences from five years. It can be represented in any space provided you have total darkness. It is created to be public and actress in the same space if possible.


Granddad lives an ordinary life: he bathes at the same time, goes for a walk at the same time and eats his breakfast at the same time each and every day.

One day his legs decide to stop walking and, little by little, he dims.

When granddad finally departs, his loved ones build a house very close to him so that he won’t feel lonely. And so the story goes: placidly opening and closing drawers, tenderly remembering special moments of his life through the magic of an old desk.

They say that the departed live on thanks to the memories of those who loved them…

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2009 Feten Best children’s show.

2014 Premio Villanueva 2010 Cuba, Best Espectacle.

2014 Parque de las Marionetas Festival, Zaragoza.


Recommended age: from 5 years
Show time: 50 minutes approx.


Author: Rosa Díaz

Script collaboration: Ángeles Jiménez

Actress & puppeteer: Rosa Díaz

Lighting designer:Retalo 2004 y Mauricio Zabaleta

Set designer: Ariel García Y Rosa Díaz

Set construction: José Toral

Costume designer: Laura León y Ángeles Jiménez

Music: Mariano Lozano-P

Objects direction:Mª José Frías

Prop designer: Ariel García , Elisa Ramos y Rosa Díaz

Prop construction: Ariel García, Elisa Ramos e Iker Pérez

Puppets: Ariel García e Iker Pérez

Web & graphic design: Colectivo Verbena

Photography: Pepei Díaz Clemente

Project Design Illustration: Elena Díaz Frutos

Direction: Mauricio Zabaleta y Rosa Díaz

Production: Cía .La Rous y la Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales. Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía