Dossier HILOS (ENG)

Hilos Premio Nacional de las Artes Escénicas para la Infancia y la Juventud 2011
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2016 Feten Awards (children’s theater fair) Best Actress and Dramaturgy.


We come into the world united by the umbilical cord that ties us to our mother in a unique bond. What happens to that thread later on? The cord is cut when we are born but the bond created between mother and child remains, like an invisible thread.

This tale is the story of my mother, a woman full of life, who gave birth to fourteen children linked to her by a thread.
A tale of her threaded braids when she was a girl and the threads that unraveled over time. Of the invisible threads that created an inseparable bond with her family.
Of the threads she created between her children and herself, and the heritage she left us so we could weave our own threads.


Direction: Joan Font and Rosa Díaz
Actress: Rosa Díaz
Dramaturgy: Rosa Días e Itziar Pascual
Creative advise: Noelia Rosa
Set design: Davide Scata
Set construction: Miguel Velasco, Davide Scata y Carlos P. Maldonado
Lighting and sound engineer: Katia Moretti
Pop Up: Imbar Guerra
Wardrobe: Laura León
Lighting design: José Diego Ramírez y Juan Felipe Tomatierra
Music: Ángel Pereira
Sound edition: Iván Monje
“Mayos” (flokloric voices): Manuela Molina and Carmen Guerrero
Magic advice: Miguel Puga “MagoMigue”
Technical audiovisual desing: Visualestama
Video edition: Pablo MaBe
Photographic archive: Adolfo Díaz
Photography: Gerardo Sanz
Graphyc desing and web: Colectivo Verbena
Promo video: La Buhardilla
Production: La Rous Teatro and the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales

Especial thanks to:
my daugther Iris, my family: brothers and sisters, for their help and unconditional support. To Encarna
de las Heras, Susana de Uña, Carlos Aladro, Tete, Ramón Hipnotic. To Teatro Coliseo de Palma del
Río. At every person who were near the project supporting our work.
The Threads creation residence was done at: Sala El Apeadero, Sala Miguel Hernández de Sabadell,
Teatre La Colmena de Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

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Premier Teatro Cánovas, Málaga
Recommended aged: from the 7 years.
Running time: 1 hour


Width 9m, Depth 6m, Height 5m
The lighting and sound control must be in the same place because it is doing for the same person.

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Load-in and set dressing: 6 hours Load-out: 1 hour Assistant personnel required: 1 electrician/FOH technician and 1 stage hand, plus personnel for loading in and out.
Sound an ligth engineer: Katia Moretti  +34617573321



Power supply for lighting: 30.000 W
33 ch dimmer
2 gobo holder size B (for cuts 25/50)
16 1000W cuts 25/50 with holder
5 profiles 15/30 of 1000W with filter holder
8 pcs 1000W with visors and filter holder
6 ligthing boom
Direct and DMX 3 tips for the 4 leds torque rod against
Direct and DMX 3 tips for projector shutter proscenium
The company provides:
4 par led 30w
1 spotlight for shadows


PA equipment and monitors


Black camera

Stage curtain

Mask to 7m


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LaRous HILOS plano luces -

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