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Grandad's House Premio Nacional de las Artes Escénicas para la Infancia y la Juventud 2011

Minimum stage size: Width 5m, Depth 4m, Height 3m

Light and sound is supplied by the company. Sockets to be available at side of stage.

A black chamber and total darkness are required during the performance.

A bar needs to be suspended behind the set to hang a curtain (supplied by the company) and the electrical equipment.

Technical requirements:

Power supply for lighting: 3000 W
Power supply for sound: 200 W

Sound an ligth engineer: Katia Moretti  +34617573321


Load-in and set dressing: 3 hours
Load-out: 1 hour
Assistant personnel required: 1 electrician/FOH technician, plus personnel for loading in and out.

*Running time: 50 minutes

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