Dossier UNA NIÑA (Eng)

A Girl Premio Nacional de las Artes Escénicas para la Infancia y la Juventud 2011

2014 FETEN (Fair Childrens’ Theater)  Best Actress, Set Desing and Original Music.

The show is recommended by the Spanish Network of Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals of Public Ownership.


A woman lives on a rusty pier outside of a city.
She fishes for what other people throw away.
One day she makes an amazing catch: a little girl in a bottle.
It gives her such a fright that she tosses the bottle back into the sea. She does not want to see the little girl. Perhaps it is because she sees her own image reflected in the bottle as in a mirror.
Her thoughts travel back in time to distant memories.
She decides to go and look for the girl but it is too late. The sea has carried the bottle away.
Even so, she still hopes she can find the girl and sets out to search for her. Perhaps she is seeking the child within herself.
First in a paper boat…
Later, in the deep sea.



Premiere Mostra d’Igualada Mars 13th 2013
Show without text.
From 5 years.
Running time: 55 minutes

larous_una_nina_06 -


Actress: Rosa Díaz
Puppeteer: Cristina Berhó
Lighting and sound engineer: Katia Moretti / Iván Monje
Playwrights: Fanny Giraud and Rosa Díaz
Scrip collaboration: Ángeles Jiménez Soria
Puppets designed and made by: Maria Sánchez
Bird puppet designed and made by: Juan García and Cía. Tuttilifamili
Puppet assistance: Maite Campos and Ariel García.
Graphics and web design: Má
Lighting design: Katia Moretti.
Set design: Rosa Díaz
Set direction: Eskenitek S.L
Puppet direction: María Sánchez y Maruja Gutiérrez
Prop direction: Fabián Huertes Castillo
Set and props completion: Ato Teatro Producciones. Paco Nicasio (Axioma Teatro)
Carpentry: Jose Toral
Wardrobe by Laura León.
Original score and sound space: Ivan Monje (
Recording studio musicians: Mele G. Ríos (Voz), Iván Monje (Guitarras, Melódicas, Percusiones), Joaquín Sánchez Gil (Clarinetes), Jaime Párrizas (Marimba), Derk Rossbach (violín)
Photography: Gerardo Sanz / Gabriel Díaz
Video: Global Production Tv
Cast director: Fanny Giraud
Artistic direction: Rosa Díaz
Production : Cía. La Rous yAgencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales (AAIC)


Load-in and set dressing: 5 hours
Load-out: 1 hour
Assistant personnel required: 1 electrician/FOH technician and 1 stage hand, plus personnel for loading
in and out.
Sound an ligth engineer: Katia Moretti +34617573321
The lighting and sound control must be in the same place because it is doing for the same person.

la-rous-teatro_una-nina -
larous_una_nina_03 -


Power supply for lighting: 3500 W
28 dimmer channels (2000w each)
3 street tower structures, height: 1.40m. and 3.30 m.
2 floor pedestals for focus
2 direct outlets, one on each side stage
3-pin DMX dimmer for the scenery in right stage and led Par in right and left stage.
Spotlights: All with visors and filter holder:
17 profile 15/30 °, 8 pcs 1000w, 4 PAR 64 CP60 (n.1).
The company provides 8 channels of dimmers in stage design, lighting desk, 2 LED PAR 3 fans and
smoke machine (off alarmfire).


2 CD players with autocue (work simultaneously).
Miking environment in the scenery.
Soundboard (5 channels).
PA equipment will step behind the scenery on either side of it and monitors on stage.


A black chamber and total darkness are required during the performance.
Black backdrop with central opening from which scene objects will be drawn (or leg from center stage
to sides stage).
Front cloth courtains.
3 legs on each stage side.
3 booms to mask spotligth.


Plano de luces -