Cultural Nexus

Euro-Arab and Mediterranean Region Premio Nacional de las Artes Escénicas para la Infancia y la Juventud 2011





2.1.- Identification / Analysis

2.2.- Formulation

2.3.- Execution

2.4.- Monitoring


3.1.-Need financing

3.2.- Need for dissemination and promotion of project

3.3.- Needs of rooms and facilities

3.4.- Programming Needs


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NEXUS is a migratory project CULTURAL training and residences display located in the western Mediterranean basin , in which participating artists of different disciplines from Andalusia Islands Balearic Islands, Morocco , Tunisia and Malta.

It is interdisciplinary and articulates the three bases of cultural management :

-TRAINING: Workshops

-PRODUCTION : Residencies

-EXHIBICIÓN : Tour / Festivals and assistance



LA ROUS remains true to its own language and highest professional standards. Attention to detail, closeness, the pace of observation and the transcendental issues in life are the building blocks of poetry and professionalism.

Rosa Díaz will have 35 years’ experience in the field of Performing Arts in 2016. Her long, successful career is a point of reference in the theatre for children and youth. You can view her full CV in the attachment.

For the occasion, we are preparing a series of training projects for all stages of development in 2016-2017. In our opinion, it is essential to have a fresh approach to learning, interest and professionalism. We are working on the development of an interactive educational tool that will provide support during the school year so teachers and students can work on the subjects in each course in creative ways.

Another project born with the same intention is described in the dossier:

A cross-border channel for cultural exchange


La ROUS Company has the standing and experience to carry out a project, based in Granada, for a fluid channel of cultural exchange between Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Morocco, Tunisia and Malta. The project provides support for creativity, training and dissemination of Performing Arts in the partner countries via a programme of training workshops, artistic creativity residencies and premieres in Fairs and Festivals.

In the long term, the idea is to continue the same proposal every year and establish annual refresher courses, training and exhibitions so the arrival of cross-border proposals will be expected each year.


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The identity of the project is based on the three pillars of cross cultural management through participation of artists, managers and public and / or private organizations in the Euro-Arab regions , Solve them and from them the shortcomings in the areas of training, production and exhibition the market for the Performing Arts.


Identified as problematic, the islands have more difficulty to «get out » and more restricted the possibility of «bringing in» outside proposals . The result is the limited supply cultural and artistic impoverishment level based on the training and retraining as pillars of creation.

In the Arab world we find few means at management , infrastructure, organization and planning. The consequence of this reality is the failure to create programs solid and enduring over time that support growth monitoring and artists and their society.


-Open Faithful and enduring channels of exchange and cooperation between Spain and the Netherlands Arab , geographically located in the western Mediterranean basin . -Create A mixed company ( the result of crossing cultures driven by Project LINK ) to turn your artistic project by project member Mediterranean communities . -Development Of audiences through open meetings between artists and audiences : work in progress . -To Continue the NEXUS program to be afinque and consolidate in the sector , so we can establish an annual gathering of recycling , training, production and exhibition internationally. -NEXO As an opportunity for growth and intercultural dialogue.



Planning / Programming activities

MESES 1º YEAR / 2016 2º YEAR / 2017
JANUARY Convenios
AORIL Publication and dissemination project for enrollment in training workshops
JUNE Training workshops
JULY Training workshops Assistance Palma del Río Fair – Córdoba, Andalucía
Assistance al Festival de Música y Danza Granada, Andalucía
AUGUST Training workshops Marroco ¿?
SEPTEMBER Candidate selection + communication Marroco ¿?
1.-Residencie in Granada
+ Work in progress
OCTOBER 2.-Residencia en Palma de Mallorca Assistance Palma de Mallorca Fair, Islas Baleares
+ Work in progress
NOVEMBER 3.- Residencie in Marroco
+ Work in progress
4.- Residencie in Malta
+ Work in progress Participación en los Encuentros Malta Fund. R.C
DECEMBER 5.- Residencie in Túnez Marroco ¿?
+ Work in progress
+ realease In Festival Neapolis

Resource scheduling / Feasibility factors

Possible organizations with various resources for the financing and viability













European territorial cooperation programs

-POCTEP ( Border )
-SUDCE ( Crime)
-Space ATLANTIC ( Crime)
-Interreg EUROPE ( Inter )




3 phases: Training workshops, residencies, Fairs and Festivals

The project for opening reliable, long-term channels for exchanges and cooperation between Spain and Arab Countries comprises the following phases of actions planned for 3 meetings during each year.

Phase 1: Training workshops: 

Duration: 10 days per city.

Schedule: accelerated courses, morning and afternoon

For: Performing Arts professionals residing in each city where the workshops are given (Granada, Palma de Mallorca, Morocco, Tunisia & Malta)

Andalusía: Granada
Islas Baleares: Palma de Mallorca
Marroco: Chaouen / Tánger / Tetuán
Tunisia: Nabeul/ Akouda / Al-Mamurah / Manzil Bu Zalafah / Sfax
Malta: La Veletta

Objectives: To provide comprehensive training in the field of performing arts. A creation workshop will approach the construction of an idea, dramaturgy, stage design, sound, costumes and lighting, production and planning. Keys to performing and voice. Notes on direction. We will work on individual proposals with collective group dynamics.

The aim of this workshop is to select a total of 5 artists will gather for creating a single play. The staging will benefit from a follow-up of its artistic proposal until the day of the performance at an International Fair or Festival.

Given by: Members of the company LA ROUS – Granada

Location: A large, open classroom with smooth flooring or linoleum for Performing Arts training workshops.






Phase 2: Creation residencies for artists:

Duration: The residence period is divided into five 15-day phases, with each stage spent in a different city of the partner countries. The rotation will allow students to draw from their experience and be nurtured from different sources. Thus, each city will be a host and also a guest, with a total of 75 days of residency to create a joint artistic proposal.

Schedule: accelerated courses, mornings and afternoons

For: Artists selected during the training workshops given in each city.

Objectives: To promote the development of the creative process for new productions and ensure a follow-up of the entire production chain up to a performance in International Fairs and Festivals. The selected companies will share the same creation space to facilitate exchanges and allow the participants to know each other. To summarise, the idea is to create a Möebius strip of constant creation, training, mobility, refreshed knowledge and performances.

Given by: Rosa Díaz and specific experts, depending on theatrical production requirements.

Location:  Stages with adequate technical equipment (light and sound) and a similar space for table work.


Phase 3: Attendance in International Theatre Fairs and Festivals

For: The mixed company created in phase 2.

Objective: To facilitate the company’s mobility in a circuit set up with the partners in the project. Thus, the development and follow-up of the new production comes to an end, having had the opportunity to show the work created in different countries, cultures and communities.

The exhibition locations will be:

In Granada: Sala El Apeadero / Teatro Alhambra / Music and Dance Festival (June-July)

In Palma de Mallorca: International Theatre Fair (October)

Morocco: ?

La Veletta: encuentros Fund. Roberto Cinetta (november)

Tunisia: Nabeul Festival Internacional Neapolis Enfants (december)


Information sistem

NEXUS mainly BLOG that will be created will be linked to each web of agencies participate in NEXUS project. The information will sail through the usual social networks and the associated web spaces. A level face press conferences supported by the public and private administrations of each region, presentations in schools of theater, dance and music of each enclave to capture public and generating project expectations. Advertising image of the project: a logo and a teaser to be used to create promotional level .



Impact & Viability

To veryfy that the project are met in each of the stages of devlopment, and the project is still feasible, an evaluation on line at the end  of each phase and before starting the next. This system will measure how each territory, organization and artist is involved and committed to the proyect.

Every six months we will face meeting to mark new items, reviews, analysis, guidelines, strategies, diffusion.


For this project, we have developed a proposal for exchanges, development, creation, training and exhibition in the specific field of International Performing Arts. The project aims to create channels of agreements between the countries involved, headed by the Management and Distribution Office of the company La ROUS, whose head office is in Granada, Spain.

To attain our aim, we need partners/sponsors in each country who will provide the infrastructure and economic support for the project’s feasibility.


-Communication : Design promotional campaign and dissemination of the project and attracting public . Keep latent and visible project during the two years of implementation.

-Video : Creating the teaser + documentary record of the project.

-Graphic design: design project image and all the necessary publicity.

– Salaries: economic support to pay the salaries of the LA ROUS team of artists who will give the training and assume responsibility for the production and direction of the end product.

– Mobility: participating artists and equipment THE ROUS long as they are outside its territory during workshops and tour.

– Subsistence and accommodation of the artists, providing they must travel. One possibility to consider is hotel chains that are interested in sponsoring the project.

– Production funds for the joint play performed at International Fairs and Festivals.



Project advertising and promotion:

– Private and public entities, such as banks, foundations and the media, to support the project at the global and promotional level.

– Theatre, dramatic arts and plastic arts schools; and music and dance academies, for the potential participation of companies and artists who are interested in the training workshops during Phase 1 of the project.

Space and equipment:

– Stages for the training workshops during Phase 1 of the project.

– Stages with technical equipment (lighting and sound) for the creation residencies during Phase 2 of the project.


– International Performing Arts Fairs and Festivals, Cultural Centres and Community Centres to programme the end product in the partner Arab countries. We already have contacts in Spain.